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Home Energy MVP Program: Municipal Town Energy Audits

Take the First Step to Reducing Your Energy Bills!


Don't qualify for Mass Save because you live in a municipal town? Don't worry! You can still reduce your energy bill after you receive a no-cost energy audit through the MVP Energy Program.

Steps to Save

  1. No-Cost Assessment: Schedule a no-cost assessment with Energy Monster to discuss your goals and assess your home for potential savings opportunities.
  2. Custom Home Scorecard: Receive a custom home scorecard showing the impact of recommended and implemented strategies on your home’s energy use.
  3. Incentive Eligibility: Discuss what incentives may be available based on the energy-saving measures you choose to install and the energy reduction they will bring.
  4. Rebates & Financing: Go over information on available product and equipment rebates, and the opportunity for 0% financing through the MVP Loan.

Scheduling your audit is easyjust fill out the form, or give us a call to take advantage of
these benefits today!

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